What is a Celebration of Life?

What is a Celebration of Life?


Do you ever feel uncomfortable attending a funeral or memorial service? Do you wish instead of focusing on the sadness and heaviness of a loved one's passing that maybe those in attendance could focus on the joy the loved one brought during their life? A Celebration of Life is about cherishing the joyful time and memories that are left after losing a loved one. A celebration of life is a lighthearted and joyful time where thankfulness shines through. The greatest goal in a Celebration of Life is to remember the person as they lived, not as they died.


Why have a Celebration of Life?


A Celebration of Life can provide healing and has proven to be incredibly soothing and cathartic. Funerals and Memorial Services are typically more somber occasions whereas a celebration of life focuses on the joys and successes of one's life. Those planning a funeral may often choose to hold calling hours and a funeral that is then followed by a Celebration of Life after having a more somber funeral. A Celebration of Life can easily be personalized - one may choose to have a religious aspect, or oftentimes, it typically is more of a joyous occasion that does not have a religious component. That is the beauty of a Celebration of Life, is just how personal and meaningful it can be!



What can you do for a Celebration of Life?


A Celebration of Life can be as creative and exciting as one wants! From throwing a party to selecting a day every year to celebrate in their honor - a Celebration of Life is meant to comfort and create additional joy after the passing of a loved one. Below are a few ideas and ways to celebrate one's life.


  • Incorporate music - pick a theme or create a playlist of your loved one's favorite songs!

  • Create a Celebration of Life Memory Book - dump memories and photos into a book for all to enjoy. During the Celebration of Life, have family and friends bring any photos or memories with them to add to the Memory Book. This can be a soothing way to remember and mourn your loved one.

  • Establish a yearly day in your loved one's honor - Picking the same date for every year could mean celebrating on their birthday or on an anniversary. This date could have been a meaningful milestone in their life.

  • Pull photos - Use as many photos as you'd like!

  • Plant a celebration of life garden - Planting a garden can honor your loved one in a special and timeless way.

  • Share your loved one's favorite meal or gather at your loved one's favorite restaurant - Sharing a meal with everyone in attendance is a meaningful way to reminisce and generate past memories of your loved one.

  • Acknowledge your loved one's hobby - Maybe your loved one was an avid hunter or quilter - in this case, incorporate their hobby into the Celebration of Life by having their favorite bow or quilt out for others to enjoy.

  • Dance party tribute! - Did your loved one enjoy dancing? Throw a dance party in their honor!


Planning a Celebration of Life shouldn't be a sad or somber time. This is a time to honor and cherish the memories and life your loved one lived!


Reach out to Spidell Funeral Home or Smith-Varns Funeral Home where we can help you accomplish the meaningful execution of any funeral, memorial service or celebration of life! Allow us to carry the burden that so many try to carry alone. Whatever your loved one's wishes are, it is our hope and goal to serve you as best as possible.


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